​​​Don Miller, Inc.

3 Wood Street

Uniontown, Pa. 15401


​"Your professional roofing contractor"

​Don Miller Sr. and wife Velma

He conducted business based upon principals taught him by fellow businessmen. These were, and still are, as follows:

1. Do your work right

2. Charge a fair price

3. Above all else, pay your bills

The small company flourished and Mr. Miller was able to raise a family, serving his fellow man and enjoying some of the pleasures of an independent businessman.

In May of 1968, Donald M. Miller, Jr. joined the family business. The business expanded into the commercial and industrial roofing market with the initial concentration on built-up roofing and roof maintenance. In 1975-76 the entire roofing industry underwent a drastic and permanent change with the introduction of new products which were to shape and streamline the roof of the future. This was the introduction of the "single ply" era. Crews were trained in the installation of EPDM ( rubber ) and modified roofing systems. The company has been involved in product development of single ply products by reporting failures and shortcomings that have occured over the years..

The roofing industry is again healthy, strong and growing. Donald M. Miller, Inc. is also growing and healthy. The third generation of the Miller Family, Don Miller III and Doug Miller have joined the company and have put them on the cutting edge of modern roofing technology. With the purchase of new and more effecient equipment, improved and more accurate estimating procedures and concentration of efforts to installing better roofing systems. The steady financial growth is proof, not only of sales success, but proof of the ability of the present officers to follow the principles set down by Don Miller Sr. some 65+ years ago. Donald M. Miller, Inc. owes it's continued success to a skilled workforce and to satisfied customers.With the addition of a fully computerized sheet metal shop and roll forming machine, Donald M. Miller, Inc. is able to fabricate standing seam metal roofing at the jobsite and make all necessary flashings. The officers of the corporation fully intend to carry on the legacy started by it's founder, Don Miller Sr., in 1945.

The Donald M. Miller Roofing Company was founded by Donald M. Miller, Sr. in May of 1945. Carrying his tools and materials on his back to that first job, Mr. Miller satisfied that first customer and prceeded to put all his efforts into satisfying all customers thereafter with an astonishing degree of success, building a reputation as a fair and honest businessman and a good provider for his family. Through the years, Don Miller developed skills and expertise in the field of residential roofing, re-roofing and sheet metal work. This included slate repair, metal box gutter replacement, down spouting and total roof evaluation. He was a skilled craftsman and set about training younger employees to work.

​Doug Miller

​Donnie Miller

​Don Miller Jr.